France-Germany Draw EU Defense Policy

Since Britain left the European Union, many things are being done in order to maintain the integrity of European Union. France and Germany specifically are formulating joint applications for the betterment European defense policy. The French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and the German  Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen have prepared a document that states everything related to consider the re-invention of European defense. Both the ministries are planning to put forward their proposal in the European Union summit, their plans include reasons why the European Union should boost security and defense mechanisms.

According to the defense ministries, the main idea behind this proposal is that Europe’s defenses be made better, more useful and active without substituting national defense bodies which are the min security for European Union member states. Both France and Germany are looking forward to allow the European Union to trigger operations more easily and quickly. Not much is known about these operations as nothing is revealed about them.


One thing that was mentioned by the spokesperson was that the proposal was not just an idea that should be implemented, instead it is a concrete proposal that must be implemented for the security of European Union members. One of the main points in the document states that a European defense headquarters must be introduced along with the sharing of medical and military resources and a common satellite.

According to the proposal there should be a specific circle or group of European Union members for defense projects and that is something that will cause difficulty to gain approval from every European Union members. Another suggestion made by the two countries is that the Eurocorps should be used in a better way, it should have an international military body that has Germany and France at its center.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Mr. Hollande had started the joint venture in July at the NATO summit and they are preparing to put forward the new ideas next week in Bratislava at the EU summit. German defense minister Von der Leyen said that London had been a hindrance between European efforts to have a better and closely integrated security policy. On the other hand British Prime Minister Theresa May said that she would not launch Brexit talks this year.


These were a few things that you should know about France-Germany European Union Defense policy. Both the countries are highly determined to put forward their demands and home that the rest of the European Union will accept these terms. If the proposal is accepted by the European Union then we will see a great shift in the politics of the region. According to most people, the contents that the proposal holds is a solution for many problems that are seen by the European Union. If the members of the European Union accept the proposal then Europe will become a truly different place and will be more strong than before, therefore the proposal must be accepted.

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