The Daily Telegraph and French News

Nobody requires an introduction on France and it is a well-known fact that the country is considered as one of the most well maintained and well facilitated regions of Europe. The country’s importance has got further enhanced due to the fact that it is the part of the European Union. France is also home to some of the most fantastic tourist destinations of the world and the most popular among them is the Eifel Tower. France has always been the part of news due to one reason or another, however recently due to the political and security issues in the county no newspaper is complete without mentioning the crisis in France.

Why English News Website?

The best sources through which you can get the latest and most accurate news about France is via their own popular News Websites. However the issue with these sites is that most of them are in French which is of course the local language of France as well. English is considered the international language of the world and as a non-French person the best language in which you can read about France is of course English.


The Daily Telegraph:

Though there are many news websites through which you can get all the latest information on France however not all of these websites are credible enough and in news the thing which matters most for you is credibility. Since you are not a professional journalist, hence the only option for you is to go for Brand names and the Brand name for accurate news is The Daily Telegraph. The news website is popular all over the world.

The Daily Telegraph and France:

Though the Origin of Daily telegraph is in London, however the website has an entire interface based on French News and as a reader all you need to do is to open the website and click on the news which you want to read. The Daily Telegraph has website interfaces of other countries of the world as well such as USA, Sweden and Norway etc.


Brief Introduction of Daily Telegraph:

The Daily Telegraph is basically the name of a newspaper which gets published in England i: e London. The newspaper has an online website as well through which you can get all the latest updates about the events that are taking in place in the world. With regards to France it has already been mentioned that they have an entire website interface dedicated for the country.

The daily telegraph is owned by Telegraph Media Group and the news agency was founded back in the year 1885 by Arthur B. Sleigh. In 1885 the company was registered as “The Daily Telegraph and Courier”. However in the year 2004 the company again went through a transition when it was owned by Frederick and DavidBarclay. The daily telegraph is the perfect option for people who can read and understand English and who want to get all the latest insights on France.

Fance is no doubt an important country of the present century that withholds a lot of natural and human made wonders that are a worth site seeing at least once in a life time. Being a part of great Europe, it has all the perks of a developed country

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