What about France, in your opinion, makes it an important place?

France is no doubt an important country of the present century that withholds a lot of natural and human made wonders that are a worth site seeing at least once in a life time. Being a part of great Europe, it has all the perks of a developed country with a lifestyle that is dreamed of by millions and billions of people out there. It is a place that holds political importance as well as is a country very strong on military grounds. It has some great high tech industries that further adds to the value of France. Its airports systems, railways systems, highway systems; all are unique in their own way. All the time there is something going on there that makes it more interesting; for example, a competition, or maybe a festival, or even some exhibition. Apart from diversity, things happening in France might be of the same sort just like they are here but when considering the fact that they are taking place in France, they have the ability to make them sound and feel more amazing.

How you provide information about France? In other words, what are your resources?

Internet and my friends living in France are my genuine resources which I mold according to the design of my site. I am a follower of a lot of bloggers from France that also helps me keep myself updated about the latest technological, social and political advancements taking place in the country. Sometimes, I also come across the sites that have information written in French which I translate and explain in my own words to make it sound better than automated google translate facility.

What is the overall information readers will be witnessing here?

All kind of latest news and happenings taking place in France will be a part of this website. It might be the case that you want to read some kind of information about France but is mostly available in French; here, I won’t doubt on the capabilities of Google Translate but one thing that I am sure of is that this site won’t let you go to and visit any other site to find information. It will be having everything about France. From latest news and interesting facts to unique statistics, everything that you can dream of knowing about France. Though technically this site is aimed to be more of a news site but then news have the ability to cover all the facts so yes, you will have all the remaining facts as well. For example, the news about any upcoming festival in France and how French people are preparing for it and finally how they did celebrated it and went about it. Specialties of different other popular cities, any sports event coming up, etc.